Dec 10, 2009

Raising Expectation On Pakatan Rakyat

Much ado about the upcoming Pakatan Rakyat convention scheduled to be held on 19th December 2009 at Shah Alam.From the grassroot point of view,the hope and expectation are around the formation of A more formal coalition under single symbol, that alone will help to counter cynical arguments from BN that PR merely consist of Political parties that only get their act together only for General Election(GE) purpose.

By and large, what actually the mass want to see is, Single Solid Voice from PR, especially from the Four(4) States(excluding Perak) that PR are the government of the day.There should be common policies from all the 4 states. No more PKR policies, neither DAP nor PAS policies. It is A PR policies that care for welfare of the people that cut across the racial and religion's boundries.

Another aspect to be taken into consideration should be from the Media Relation perspective. There should be one comittee or just one spokeperson for the coalition for PR.No more conflicting quotes from the respectives parties, this will really put the BN controlled media at the dead end to manipulate the stories to the benefit of BN/UMNO

Finally, the PR states government should come out with more People Centric inititives that far more superior than its BN foe.Selangor driven programme such as Tabung Anak Wawasan Selangor (TAWAS) should be executed in more coordinated manner at all the PR governed states and of course with better awareness campaign to the mass

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